NSSP Login Help

If you are having any problems or questions about your account or the mechanics of the test center, please visit the users account and test information page  for more information. This information may resolve many issues you may experience.

If you are having problems logging into your topic area, review the following help tips to make sure that you are following the necessary steps.

Q: Did you register your CD-ROM with NSSP?
A: It is necessary to fill out the CD-ROM registration upon your first visit to nsspress.com. Select whether you are a new user or returning user. Enter the Serial Number and then, if you are a new user, fill out the simple form found on the registration page. All fields are required.

Q: Where is the Serial Number and Login information on my CD-ROM?
A: When you open your NSSP CD you will find a label on the inside left leaf of the CD case. That information is used to register your CD.

Q: I went through the registration process and entered my new login name and password, why don't they don't seem to work?
A: The secured access is "case sensitive," this means that placing a capital letter in the place of a lower case letter will cause you to be unable to access your selected topic area. Make sure you typed your password exactly as when you registered your CD and that your caps lock is off.

Q. I am clicking the link to my text after I login and I get sent back to the login page and then I can't log back in. Why?
A. Our site uses session variables and these must be allowed for the pages to function correctly. If session cookies are disabled in the browser settings, the user will be redirected to the login page. Please ensure session cookies are enabled in your browser security settings. The location of these settings vary amongst browsers and instructions on how to modify them for different browsers and versions can be found with Google.

For Internet Explorer, check your internet settings by going to the Internet Explorer browser, open the Tools menu (on right), then select Internet Options. Select the Privacy tab, click on the advanced button and make sure the "Override cookie handling" is checked, "allow first person cookies" is selected and "allow session variables" is checked, then click okay. The third party cookies don't matter for our site, so that preference is yours (some sites require third party cookies). If our server still shows you as logged in, wait and try to log on again after 15 minutes (you will be logged out automatically) or go back to the home page and click logout twice (before closing the browser).

Q. I click on the link to my test and I get a "No input file specified" message. What's wrong?
A. This message can result when there is interference with the link that is trying to open the page. Make sure you have NSSPress.com listed as a friendly site in your internet security settings and make sure you are not using any pop-up blockers. Restarting your computer may resolve this as well.

Q. I have a Mac. How do I access my CD text?
A. After inserting your disk, navigate to the CD and open the text by selecting and opening the "startup.htm" file. See Mac Help for more information.

Q. I am using Firefox and I am unable to access my text. What am I doing wrong?
A. We have experienced difficulty with some versions of Firefox and other browsers. If you are having trouble while using these browsers, log off and then try to access your account using Internet Explorer, Safari, or Chrome. This usually resolves these issues.

Q: I am unable to log in. I get a message saying I am already logged in.
A: Only one user is allowed to be logged on with a username/password combination at one time. If you logged in, you must also log out. The system will automatically log you out after 15 minutes of inactivity. Wait and try to log on again after 15 minutes.

Q. I am unable to see the navigation bar on the left. It was there, but now it isn't. What's wrong?
A. You need to refresh the page. If you had visited this site in the past, your computer may be loading the page from memory and you may experience this issue. Try to refresh the page while holding down the "shift" button on the keyboard or press F5. You can also remove your old internet files by going to the tools menu in the menu bar, select "Internet Options" and then select "Delete Files". This will erase any old files and should correct the problem.

For any further questions or problems regarding your access to nsspress.com, please send an email to help@nsspress.com and clearly state the problem or questions that you may have. Please include your operating system, browser and browser version in your email. Our customer support will respond to your needs as soon as possible.