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Aalai, Azadeh
Understanding Aggression: Psychological Origins & Approaches to Aggressive Behavior
Baydo, Jerry
Perspectives on Early America: An Interactive Reader
Modern America Examined: A Reader (Editor: Baydo)
Baydo, Jerry and Newman, Jason
A Topical History of Early America: An Interactive Text
A Topical History of the United States: Modern America
Becker, Ted and Briand, Michael
The Last Lost Empire: Why America Flounders in Early Post Imperial Times and How to Transform Its Political Economy
Blasi, Anthony J. and Jacobs, Anton
Introductory Sociology: An Interactive Text
Brand, Connie; Feres, Angela; Hawke, Jason; Maneck, Susan; Sisson, Keith and Perrone, Sean
Early World History: An Interactive Text
Braunwarth, Joseph; and Stadelmann, Marcus
Open to Debate: An Introduction to United States Government and Politics
Open to Debate: An Interactive Approach to United States Government and Politics
Braunwarth, Joseph, Editor
American Government Examined: A Reader
Brown, Larry A.
The Art of Theater
Brown, Michael
Music Appreciation: An Interactive Approach
Forever Young: The History of Rock
Roots: American Music
Burgess, M. L.
A Cursive Refresher for the Early Childhood Educator
Presenting My Best Work: Learning Manuscript for the Early Childhood Educator
Burns, Clarence E.
Enhancing College Writing and Speaking Skills: Quality, Not Quantity
Cantu, D. Antonio
History/Social Studies Education in the Digital and Standards-Based Classroom
Cantu, D. Antonio; McMullen, David W.
Technology Applications for the Digital Classroom
Cantu, D. Antonio; Pardieck, Sherrie
The Art and Science of Elementary Social Studies Education 2nd Edition
Casey, Don
Temple of Zones IV: An Interactive Study of How to Neutralize Your Opponents
Clements, Lester; Baglione, Frank; Creasman, Carl; Angela, Feres; Rutishauser, Brian
Early Western Civilization: Ancient Times to 1648 2nd Edition
Clements, Lester; Baglione, Frank; Brown, Gregory; Creasman, Carl;
Geiger, William; Lane, Lisa; Oliver, Andrea
Modern Western Civilization: From the Rise of Absolutism to the Present 2nd Edition
Cormier, Loretta A.; Jones, Sharyn R.; McGee, Reece Jon
Introductory Cultural Anthropology: New Perspectives An Interactive Approach
Crowley, James F.
Logic: A Short and Simple Introduction
Dyer, Debra
An Introduction to Early Childhood Education: An Interactive Text 2nd Edition
Fong, Jack
A World of Cities
Force, Lawrence T., et. al.
Gerontology: An Interactive Text
Gensler, Howard
An Introduction to the Market Economy: An Interactive Microeconomics Text
Goolkasian, Paula; Carmichael, Ted; Croy, Marvin; Davis, Boyd; Faust, Mark; Hadzikadic, Mirsad; Lipford, Heather; Raja, Anita; Van Wallendael, Lori
Cognitive Science: An Interactive Approach
Haley, Kenneth L.
Building Successful Writing Skills
Building More Successful Writing Skills
Hanshaw, Mark E.
Religion In the Midst of Life: A Study of Global Religions 2nd Edition
Hillix, William A.; Terrell, John
Systems and Theories in Psychology
Hoffman, August John
Improving Intergroup Relationships via Community Service Work
Hontos, Margaret
An Introduction to World Music
A Survey of Western Music and Literature: An Interactive Text
Houk, James
Introduction to Anthropology: An Interactive Text
Johnson, Andrew P.
Educational Psychology: Theories of Learning and Human Dvelopment
Johnson, Cynthia B.
Strictly Speaking: An Interactive Text
Stratums: The Many Layers of Interpersonal Communication
Jones, Nicholaos
A Practical Introduction to Ethical Theory
Joyner, Skylar M.G.
Marriage and Family: The 21st Century Approach
Kaufman, Dana
Introduction to Mass Communication: A Critical Analysis of the Marketplace of Ideas
Kleinberg, Raymonde
International Law and Dispute Resolution: An Introductory Text
Lovelace, Terry L.; Curtis, William; Kirtley, Patricia M.; Kirtley, William M.; Railsback, Lem Londos
Strategic Lieracy Instruction
Lyman, Lawrence; Foyle, Harvey C; Lyman, Allyson L.
Managing Interactive Classroom Learning Communities for Elementary and Middle School Students
Creating Interactive Curriculum Connections for Elementary and Middle School Students
Lyman, Lawrence; Waters, Scott; Foyle, Harvey C; Lyman, Allyson L.
Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School: Communities, Connections, and Citizenship
Manley, Gregory and Spivey, Alan
Introductory Psychology - An Interactive Text
McIlwaine, MaryKris; Alexander, Kimberly; Kirschner, Nili; and Schipper, Janine
Sociology: A Contemporary Approach, Fourth Edition
Morgan, Betsy L.; Dilts, Rachel
Gender Psychology Second Edition
Musso, Paul
Introduction to Music Theory: An Interactive Approach
Nadler, Mark
How to Think Using Microeconomic Reasoning
Olivero, Michael
Domestic Violence
Juvenile Justice
Palmer, Richard H.
Theatre: A Visual History
Rhoades-Swartz, Linda
Modern American History: An Interactive Text
Rhoades-Swartz, Linda and Newman, Jason
Early American History to 1877: An Interactive Text
Rogers, Glenn
21st Century Ethics: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy
Philosophical Musings: Thirteen Questions That Provide a Topical Introduction to Philosophy
Saunders, Matthew C.
Music: Notation and Practice in Past and Present
Schiller, Marjorie
Becoming a Teacher: A Digital Workbook for Prospective Teachers
Schuman, David; Wirth, Rex
A Preface to Politics
Shanafelt, Robert
Synergy, Evolution, and Culture: An Introduction to the Fields of Anthropology
Sinnott, Cheri
Introduction to Social Work: Macro, Mezzo, Micro Perspectives Second Edition
Smith, Cameron M.
Ancestors: An Introduction to Archaeology
Smith, Wayne C.
The History of Jazz: A Confluence of Cultures and Ideas
Solmonson, Le'Ann; Mullener, William R.; Eckstein, Daniel G.
A Thematic Perspective to Lifespan Development
Stadelmann, Marcus
The Quest for Power: An Introduction to World Politics in the 21st Century
Stewart, William S.
Understanding Politics
Tauger, Mark; Feres, Angela; Brudvig, Jon; Clements, Les; Frederick, Julia; Hoff, Samuel;
Meier, David; Peck, David; Rhoades-Swartz, Linda and Rutherford, Jeff
Modern World History: An Interactive Text
Westcott, John
Writing News for the Digital Age

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